The role of the New Brunswick Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NBAREA) is to regulate the profession of real estate appraisal to protect the public. As part of this public protection role, NBAREA investigates complaints about the professional conduct or competence of real estate appraisers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Complaints Committee assess value?

The Complaints Committee will not reassess a property’s value or in any other way alter an appraisal report.    NBAREA’s complaints process is not meant to provide a process to appeal or review appraisal reports.  The process is intended to protect the public by providing a process for investigating complaints about a member’s conduct or competence. 

Can I file a complaint about another appraiser?

Under the Act, any person may make a complaint if they have concerns about the conduct or competence of a real estate appraiser in New Brunswick.   

I want to make a complaint.  Will the appraiser be told who made the complaint?

NBAREA has a legal obligation to ensure that the complaints process is fair and unbiased.   Under the law, the complainant and the member (real estate appraiser) have the right to participate in the investigation and provide information for consideration.    Your name will be provided to the real estate appraiser along with a copy of the complaint.  

How long does the complaints process take?

NBAREA has established formal policies to ensure that both the complaint process and outcomes are fair, consistent, and unbiased. We have a legal obligation to investigate a complaint and make a decision.    The length of the investigation can vary, depending on the complexity of the case.

Generally speaking,  the complaints process can take a year or longer, from start to finish.  The Complaints Committee is made of volunteer members of NBAREA who devote their time to investigate cases.  The Discipline Committee is also made up of volunteer members of the profession and the public.   

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Both the complainant (the person who has submitted the complaint) and the respondent (the appraiser) have the right to participate in the investigation and provide information for consideration. NBAREA does not require it, but you may seek independent legal counsel at your own expense if you choose. Your professional liability insurance may cover this.  You should consider discussing the matter with your insurance carrier if you are interested in having legal counsel represent you.