Registration requirements

All applicants for registration with NBAREA must meet the registration requirements set out in the New Brunswick Association of Real Estate Appraisers Act, 1994, and NBAREA’s By-laws. 

The registration requirements include:

Education and Training

You must have completed the education and training requirements for designation as a CRA or AACI with the Appraisal Institute of Canada, or equivalent. 

In addition to CRA and AACI, NBAREA recognized the following designations for the purposes of registration:

  • DAR and DAC from the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers
  • MAI and SRA from the Appraisal Institute (US)
  • EA from the Ordre des évaluateurs agrées du Quebec

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Past offences, findings, and conduct

Section 15 of the Act requires applicants to be of good character.   To assess an applicant’s good character, NBAREA reviews information about past offences, findings, and conduct.   As part of the designation process for AIC or CNAREA (see education requirements), applicants must provide a criminal record check.   In addition, the application form includes relevant questions about an applicant’s conduct (history of charges, convictions, discipline, findings of professional misconduct or incompetence).  

Professional Liability Insurance

Under NBAREA’s by-laws, all applicants and members must provide proof of professional liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 in order to be eligible for ongoing registration.