Annual Renewal

As a member of a regulated profession, maintaining your registration requires active participation beyond simply paying your annual fees.   To maintain your membership, you must:

  • Ensure you have professional liability insurance of at least $2,000,000 in coverage, as required under NBAREA By-laws. 
  • Comply with NBAREA’s continuing professional development requirements.  All NBAREA members must complete:
    • Appraising in NB in the first 12 months after becoming registered and then once in every second CPD cycle (every four years) thereafter.
    • a review of CUSPAP (for AIC members) or USPAP (for CNAREA members) every two years. 
    • a minimum of 24 CPD credits every two years 
  • Keep your contact information up to date (email and mailing address and phone number).   NBAREA sends important information by email and/or mail.    Ensure you check your email and mail regularly to avoid missing deadlines or important updates that could impact your practice.
  • AIC and CNAREA members must complete a criminal record check with renewal each year.