Membership fees

Pay by cash, cheque, credit card online or send us an e-transfer. See details below.

NBAREA fees   
NBAREA Application Fee$75$11.25$86.25
Reinstatement Fee (for former members returning to practice)$100$15$115
Annual Registration Fees - Regular and Candidate Members$635$95.25$730.25
Annual Registration Fees - Associate (Regular and Candidate Members employed with Service NB)$385$57.75$442.75
Other potential costs related to NBAREA application   
Applicants are responsible for any fees charged for securing documents required for application (e.g. official transcript from university, or letter of good standing)Costs vary - consult organization providing the documents  
Liability Insurance - Applicants/members are responsible for costs associated with professional liability insurance coverage.Costs vary - consult insurance provider for estimate