NBAREA has four statutory committees, which are required under the New Brunswick Association of Real Estate Appraisers Act, 1994 (the Act), and four non-statutory committees. The composition of statutory committees is defined in the Act, while the composition of non-statutory committees is set by the Board. 

Statutory Committees

Executive Committee

The role of the executive committee is to ensure the effective governance and management of operations of the Association in accordance with the Act and By-laws and to provide direction and advice to the Registrar & ED on behalf of the Board with respect to both routine and/or urgent matters.

Committee of Examiners

The role of the Committee of Examiners is to establish and maintain by-laws, policies, and processes for determining whether a person is eligible for registration under the Act and to hear appeals related to registration decisions made by the registrar.

Complaints Committee

The Act requires the Association to investigate complaints about members’ professional conduct or competence. The complaint process is designed to ensure procedural consistency and fairness to both the complainant and the member who is the subject of the complaint.

The role of the Complaints Committee is to ensure that complaints are handled in accordance with the provisions of the Act.  The Committee investigates complaints related to the conduct or competence of members of the Association, and determines whether the matter should be referred to the Discipline Committee for a hearing.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is responsible for holding hearings about allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence of members as referred by Complaints Committee. The Discipline Committee must provide a fair process for hearing evidence, determining member conduct and the most appropriate action to deal with conduct and protect the public.

The hearing processes and decision-making must be in keeping with the provisions of the Act. A report of discipline decisions must be published when there is a finding of professional misconduct or incompetence. A panel of the Discipline Committee is composed of five people; one of whom must be a public representative.

Non-Statutory Committees

Nominations, Elections, and Special Awards Committee

The role of the Nominations, Elections and Special Awards Committee is to support the Association’s governance by ensuring that positions on the NBAREA Board and Committees are filled according to the provisions of the Act and By-laws, and to recognize members/volunteers for significant contributions to the work of the Association.

Membership and Public Relations Committee

The Membership and Public Relations Committee promotes public awareness of the role of the Association, the professional of real estate appraisal, and to encourage studies in real estate appraisal.

Committee for Review of the Act

The purpose of the Committee for Review of the Act is to undertake a detailed review of the Act to Incorporate the New Brunswick Association of Real Estate Appraisers, 1994 (the Act), and make recommendations to the Board regarding possible amendments. 

Regional Representatives and Education Committee

The role of the Regional Representatives and Education Committee is to identify, examine, plan, and provide the training, education and professional development required by members of the Association through seminars, conferences and courses.